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Hi I'm Nikunj Dutt and I Design Powerful Websites.

I have taught myself everything with the help of Internet, struggled with code and enjoyed it. I took help of a few online courses, though no course ever helped me code and instead I learnt most from making and breaking projects.

From Small Business Websites to Agency Landing Pages and Digital/Physical Ecommerce Websites, I have developed it all. I have made affordability meet professionalism and built powerful websites for growing companies.

Skyrocket Your Business in 2020.

I craft websites with the latest trends to make it future-proof for years to come. I also design to get the best possible conversion rates and provide amazing UI/UX.

I discuss thoroughly with the clients and tailor the website according to their needs and requirements. All my clients are happy and always recommend my services.

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Technologies I work with

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My Work

Freelance - Web Developer

Role : Full Stack Developer

2017 - Present

I am a freelance Web Developer for different industries like Content/Data Management Systems, e-Commerce, Landing Pages, Small Business Software. I work on different platforms according to the client requirements with varied set of technology. I am well versed with custom coding like the technology stack of HTML/CSS/Django/PostgreSQL or ranging on the requirements, I have had my hands on with site builders like Webflow, Wix, Shopify, Wordpress. With development work, I provide low cost maintenance services which may include hosting and monthly changes to the client websites.

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Freelance - Python Developer

Role : Python Developer

2017 - Present

I work as a freelance Python Developer for making automation tools like bots and web scrapers or crawlers as well as do backend web development in flask and django. I like to make every task which can be automated, to be automated. I also work with Pandas and NumPy for data analysis and machine learning projects.

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Wilyer - Digital Signage Startup

Role : Lead Web Designer

2018 - Present

I work as a lead web designer for Wilyer which is a cloud-based Digital Billboards startup. I designed their main website and work with their team for the Admin Panel. I also handle the branding of the website (logo design) as well as graphics design and animations.

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ScalezMedia - Digital Marketing Agency

Role : Shopify Developer

Contract Work

I worked as a contract based shopify developer for ScalezMedia and handled their client's website design along with branding (Logo Design). I designed and tailored various shopify stores according to client's requirements.

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I Have Designed Logos For 20+ Businesses to
Hike their Conversion Rates Massively and
Provide an entirely new brand identity.

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Tell me about yourself, your brand, and your goals. Let's create something extraordinary together.

Accepting New Projects for Q1 2020.

Mail at
Telegram: @NickWebDev
Discord: NickDev#2255